Ultraskin Layered Pool Cue Tips

The Final Connection From Brain To Arm To Cue To Cue Ball


(A little bit about Tom)

Why Layered Cue Tips?

I was once a Cue Maker with a partner that made Cues under the name R/T Custom cues in the 1990's

Back when I made Cues doing tips was a neccesary evil, very low end money for the time of use on the lathe. I however heard of a new tip called a Morri. I think I was one of the first to pay $400.00 for a Tin of 50 Tips. This however brought the price to install to new heights and putting on a Tip was no longer a neccesary evil, it was profitable.

Coming back to the game of Pool after the many years layoff I noticed the prices of tips had rose to the point the Tip maker was like a 50/50 partner with the tip installer.

My background is chemistry starting from raw material to a finished commercial useable product. My Pool game would be a High B to low A player so I know how it is supposed to feel when you contact the cueball.

This led the path for the UltraSkinLayered Layered Cue Tip. An 10 layered cue tip that I felt hit as well as any tip on the market.

I don't have a Board of Directors needing to make a $100,000.00 a year up so I found I could offer these tips to the Cue Maker and Cue Repair person for a price that they again could make a good dollar doing tip replacement on cues.

At this date feedback has been fantastic. If it stays this way my stumbling blocks will be keeping up supply during the start but will not lower quantity to bring prices up like our petrolium suppliers do with gas, I will simply keep upping the production till it meets a level off mark.

My worlds great right now, I get to be a part and have more time to play in the worlds greatest sport. Rack Um, I got time for one more game.